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Residential Developers Program

Give your Development Projects increased exposure while providing your potential customers the best in Architectural Design Services.

Refer your customers in need of Architectural Services to Drummond House Plans and benefit from the advantages :

For only $200, sign up for the "Residential Developers Program" and obtain...

Visibility for all your Residential Development Projects on our website at by taking advantage of our website's increased exposure and ability to reach over 80,000 visitors per month. On a web page dedicated entirely to you, you will be able to post any information relevant to your projects including images and photos of your land and any houses already built using Drummond House Plans services.
Catalogues of House Plans: Choose from among Drummond House Plans' extensive collection of Home Plans and we will create, for you, a catalogue entirely dedicated and personalized to your company and to your needs. The catalogue and its contents can be personalized with the name and contact information of your company as well as your company Logo. Present your customers a unique selection of models adapted to your project. The first 25 models selected are free when you sign up to the "Residential Developers Program", additional models are $3 each
Color Posters: receive 5 (11x17) posters of the models of your choice

Promote and Market your Company
Let Drummond House Plans help you Market and Promote your Projects

Advertising Licences
Obtain the rights to advertise using any of Drummond House Plans illustrations and high quality images by obtaining the 2 year, renewable advertising licence for any model or models of your choice.
$100 per model (reimbursable within the first year upon the purchase of a full set of construction drawings)

Renewed Visibility
Visibility on the Drummond House Plans website is valid for 1 year, upon expiration continue to maintain your visibility by renewing for $200 OR by referring 2 customers in need of house plans.

--> Advantages for Developers looking to purchase new lots
Save time and Money!

Savings on Stock House Plans!
Take advantage of a 10% discount on the purchase of any house plan in our collection

Plans in PDF Format
All plans are available in PDF Format, facilitating the transmission of the plans electronically as required.