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About Drummond House Plans

Yves Carignan, Marie-France Roger and Denis Chamberland The dream of many families is doubtlessly to be the owners of their home. As a result, building a nest for your family might be your life's biggest financial venture. Knowing the availability and challenge of specific design building codes, high-tech building materials, new building and construction methods, just to name a few, the customers will simply demand a high standard of house floor plan design for their future home. For this reason, today's consumer tends to rely on specialists for the design of his dream home, and Drummond House Plans will assure you such a design.

Drummond Designs, now known as Drummond House Plans, has been a reference in the world of residential architecture since 1973 with over 125,000 satisfied customers. We have achieved this by keeping up with the trends, and in a way even by creating them. Furthermore, you can subscribe to our RSS feeds and/or newsletters, and keep in touch with all the new designs and new houses featured in our house plan photo gallery that are becoming available on a regular basis.

Drummond's primary target is to offer the consumer top quality home plans that meet and even exceed most of the world's building code requirements. So unlike many other American and Canadian designers, all our plans are regularly updated to respect the Building Codes such as IRC (USA) and NBC (Canada). We are also even providing BCIN numbers for our customers based in the province of Ontario in Canada.

Drummond House Plans has based its creation efforts on hypothesize that "A picture is worth a thousand words". From the beginning, we have been among the first to promote our entire house plan collection using detailed homes and floor plans color illustrations and also to feature many homes in our house plan photo gallery to help consumers visualize the details of each house so he can have a better idea of the actual dimensions and proportions.

Each detail is examined meticulously, whether it is the climate/environment relative to the building site, the staircase's conformity to codes, adequate window space and other design aspects such as kitchen functionality. All house floor plans, reference construction drawings, engineering and architectural designs, are submitted to a rigorous inspection schedule which is regularly updated. This schedule was elaborated from experience gained over the years.

In addition, each house design undergoes an analysis of interior space utilization, so as to maximize every square foot of each room. Each analysis includes the study of: traffic areas, location of doors/windows relative to the natural light and furniture layout, only to specify a few. We take special care to show our house models in realistic settings, each with its own decoration so the consumer can better visualize the product as his future home.

Drummond House Plans Inc., through its own internet site, internet plan brokers such as,,,,,, and print plan publishers such as the magazines produced by Hanley-Wood, and Country Living Magazine, American Dream Home, Premier Homes, Metropolitain Homes, Home Store Plans and Publications and hundreds more, offers a large and beautiful collection of home plans that will correspond to your budget range and answer all your family's needs. For every price range, we offer a wide variety of styles, each with its own special and unique cachet.

Since 1973 and over the years, Drummond Designs, now Drummond House Plans, has developed an expertise in standardization and process development which has given us the ability to extend our design services into 20 franchised branch offices and agencies across United States and Canada. These agencies have all adopted the expertise and know-how of the head office. Thus, every client and builders customers will receive the same professional services at any location or online: modifications on existing home plans, full custom design services for new homes, vacation designs & multi-unit designs customized home plans and renovation / remodelling design services for existing homes.

The company has already won many prestigious National and International Architectural Awards for its expertise and achievements in the field of North American residential architecture, including in 2003, the title of "Best Quality Team" among the top Home Plan Designers in North-America, and in 2005 "Best Artwork".

Drummond House Plans has a well trusted reputation among design professionals of residential architecture and home builders in North America. We are continuously improving our designs and services by developing and creating innovative ideas based on the latest trends in style, form, material and colors. The fact that we have sold over 110,000 home plans for more than a quarter of a century positively proves the confidence that customers give us.

By choosing Drummond House Plans & Drummond Designs, you choose a team of professionals who will design a superior quality home that will meet all your needs.