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All plans displayed on this internet site and/or created by Drummond Designs Inc., are protected by the author's copyright law. It is therefore, illegal to copy, reproduce or use without authorization from the author. This includes plans, drawings and illustrations taken from this website or from all other publications or websites, or else. It is also illegal to copy or redesign all existing house plans without authorization from the author.

It is a current misunderstanding to believe that it is permitted to copy, modify or resell a design or a plan found in various media. Each of these practices is unlawful and constitutes a violation of the copyright law. Every infraction is liable to legal proceedings. Reaching as much as $150,000

Consequently, it is essential to always purchase a set of plans or license, available at Drummond House Plans and Drummond Designs, in order to build or even use illustrations for promotional purposes. The purchase of a set of plans allows you to build only one house (unless you obtain a license for several constructions). It is also illegal to resell your own plan after having used it.

--> What is a copyright?
In very simple terms, the expression "copyright" means "the right to reproduce." Only the holder of the design (very often it is its creator) has the right to produce or reproduce this work or allow another individual to do so. Suppose, for example, that you had written a novel (or designed an architectural plan). The copyright rewards and protects your creation by granting you the exclusive right to publish or use this work in any way that is convenient to you. You may also choose not to publish your work and you can also prevent someone else from doing so.
--> Works that can be copyrighted
Copyright can apply to all original works such as literary, dramatically, musically or artistically. Each one of these general categories regroups a large range of creative works. Here are a few examples of artistic works: paintings, drawings, geographical maps, photographs, sculptures and architectural works.

The word "original" takes on a crucial definition for a work that can be copyrighted. Of course it's obvious that no one can obtain a copyright for work created by another person.

--> Violation of a copyright
A copyright grant you the exclusive right to produce or reproduce your works. By virtue of this right, you are the only person that can authorize these activities.

Anyone who reproduces your work without your authorization is committing a violation towards the copyright law. It goes without saying that the reverse situation is also true; if you publish, execute or copy the works of someone else without previously obtaining his or her authorization, you are infringing on the rights of this person.

Infringing on an author's rights can also lead to plagiarism. This is when a person tries to pass off someone else's work as their own. An example of plagiarism would be a person publishing or selling a plan that was conceived for someone else under your name. Plagiarism can also consist of publishing or copying a substantial part of a plan conceived by someone else. An example of this method consists of copying a plan and modifying its dimensions or changing architectural elements.

Source: The Office of Intellectual Property of Canada

Here are the main clauses of the law that define architectural plans as being works that are protected by the author's rights:

The law pertaining to the author's rights (L.R., 1985, ch. C-42)
S.R., ch. C-30, art. 2

2. The following definitions apply to the present law.
"Artistic works." Included amongst artistic works are: paintings, designs/plans, sculptures. Architectural works, engravings/carvings, photographs, artistic works done by artisans as well as graphics, maps, plans and compilations of artistic works.

Author's Rights on his/her Work
3. (1) The author's rights on his or her work allows the exclusive right to produce completely reproduce all or an important part of his/her works, in whatever material form he/she chooses. Authors may also carry out the totality or an important part in public and if the work is not yet published, to publish it totally or an important part of allows for exclusive rights.

Violation of author's rights: responsability
35. (1) Whoever violates an author's rights is liable to pay the owner of the stolen copyright, plus damages and on top of that, the profits that he/she gained from this violation in proportion to what the courts deem equitable, are not included in the settling of this violation.

Whether you are a contractor that realizes several constructions per year or you are an individual with a project for a new home, Drummond House Plans has developed a complete range of architectural products and services for all budgets. This will allow you to fulfill your projects as you have wished for, all the while respecting all the author's rights pertaining to their conception.

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