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--> Questions about Architectural or Technical Details
1. Q. Is it possible to get different types of foundations other than the original foundation the house is designed with?
A. Yes! We can modify your chosen home plan to have any foundation: basement, crawlspace, slab, pier/pile.

2. Q. How difficult would it be to change the ridge height according to my local code restrictions?
A. In most cases, it is fairly easy to do. Depending on the home plan you have selected we can suggest several options or a combination of these, such as: lowering the roof pitch, possibly reducing ceiling heights or adjusting the exterior ground level. In most cases we are able to adhere to the restrictions without having to alter the look or original design or the home.

3. Q. Can one of your stock plans be changed to metal framing?
A. Yes! We can modify any design and integrate it with any type of building system on the market.

4. Q. Can your home plans experts adapt a stock plan to any prefabricated system or ICF (insulated concrete form)?
A. Yes! Our highly trained architectural professionals can modify any design to comply with the different types of building systems that are available and adapt the foundations and structure to accommodate the differences.

5. Q. If I do not like the type of windows on a design, can I replace them?
A. Yes! Our team of specialists will suggest alternate windows to complement the house and complement your sense of style.

6. Q. Can I change the type of exterior finish, for example, from brick to vinyl?
A. Yes! You can change the type of any proposed exterior finish. Those featured on the homes in our magazine and on our website are suggestions only. Many of our customers choose to do so, whether for economic reasons or simply for personal preference. Note: there are some structural changes involved when converting from brick to vinyl and vice-versa. It is very important that you have your plan modified if you decide to change the type of exterior finish.

7. Q. Can I extend the original garage or add a garage to a design?
A. Yes! We can also suggest ideas and propose options to help integrate the new addition or extension so that it does not become disproportionate to the original design, our architectural design experts will work diligently to accommodate your requests.

8. Q. Can any of these plans be adapted for handicap accessibility?
A. Yes! All of our plans can be easily adapted to accommodate our handicapped customers. Our architectural specialists are highly trained and committed to providing for special needs situations.

9. Q. Do you have any home plans that can be adapted for a sloping lot?
A. Yes! Our home plans can be modified to overcome many lot-related challenges, from sloping to narrow. We also specialize in maximizing scenic views.