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16-03-04 15:55 News archive

Drummond Designs opens Ottawa office

Need for single-family home plans and renovation design services prompts decision

Ottawa, March 16, 2004 - Drummond Designs inc., Canada's largest residential design firm, with more than 90,000 plans sold since its inception in 1973, announced today it is opening an office in the Greater Ottawa-Carleton region to better meet the growing customer demand for such a product offering.

According to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CHMC) statistics, the Greater Ottawa region had 2.8 times more construction starts of single-family homes - 13,858 compared to 4,924 in the Gatineau-Hull region between January 1, 2000 and December 31, 2003. This development, combined with the fact Canadians opt for single-family homes 57.3% of the time, spurred Drummond Designs' decision to respond to an increasing need.

Current market conjuncture has a direct impact on single family housing - the segment Drummond Designs' product and services is trying to reach - as low interest rates increases accessibility to ownership, which in turn leads to a shortage of homes on the market, and, consequently, a price increase.

Under such circumstances, potential home owners usually prefer having a home built to their specifications than paying inflated home prices for a dwelling that does not fit their exact requirements.

Drummond Designs has detected that the renovation sector is being similarly affected, as there has been a steady increase of renovation projects in which owners choose to add on to their current home rather than buy a new one.

« We expect our team of specialists will sign off on more than 1,500 projects (new homes and renovations) by 2010, » said Pierre Hebert, manager of Drummond Designs' Ottawa office. « Be it entirely custom developed or adaptations from the more than 500 stock plans owned by Drummond Designs, our innovative expertise, combined with our experience in the renovation design sector, gives us a head start in tackling the aging of the housing infrastructure, which is expected to become problematic by the end of the decade »

About Drummond Designs inc.
Founded in 1973, Drummond Designs Inc. is a privately owned, 46-employee company with more than 55 collaborators specializing in developing architectural plans and related services in the company's 19 branch offices.

For further information:
Ottawa Office
2660 Southvale Crescent
Suite 324
Ottawa, Ont.
K1B 4W5
(613) 737-7575