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Plan W2945 - Illustration
Original plan #2945
Customer's Request
Re-divide the interior of the house, foreseeing a master bedroom suite with a large bathroom on the upper floor, replacing the two (2) rooms that were suggested originally. On the ground floor, move the kitchen to the place of the bedroom with the view at the front of the house and the dining room in the place of the initial kitchen with a view at the rear of the house.

In the basement, realize an apartment similar to the ground floor of plan no. 2945. Foresee interior and exterior storage space, both accessible to the owners.
Original flooring

Plan W2945 - Floor

Front view

Plan W2945 - Front Illustration
Plan W2945 Modified - Illustration
Plan W2945 - Interior photo 01Plan W2945 - Interior photo 02Plan W2945 - Interior photo 03Plan W2945 - Interior photo 04
2945 modified 1st level 2945 modified 2nd level 2945 modified basement plan 2945 Plan W2945 Modified - Floor