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Thematic(s): New home space addition
Addition of solarium
Addition of balcony or terrace
Home exterior makeovers
Interior design
City: Victoriaville
Need of the owner: Enlarge the house to obtain a living room / sunroom at the rear, remodel kitchen and make service entry more convenient. Relocate the dining room where the living room was and improve the external appearance of the house.
Report of the technologist: The expansion allows us meet the owners desires to develop an amply windowed living room. Additionally, the extension of the front of the house accommodates a service entrance that is more inviting, more practical and roomy. The kitchen has enough space for its reorganization while the dining room is located in the well-windowed space in the front of the house. Outside, the use of stone and the addition of a covered porch make this home much more warm and inviting. Success!